Posted 5th Dec 2022
The Cost of Living crisis has hurt us all badly in the supermarkets, but cashback apps have been like plasters softening the blow slightly. Unfortunately news hit today that Clicksnap is closing down
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    So just use Checkoutsmart
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    really disappointing news
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    Only tend to get the freebies and there haven't been any in any store near me on Clicksnap for years, so it's not a great loss. That reminds me, I'd better cash out of Checkoutsmart before that bites the dust too!

    Edit: just checked... last claim August 2021, and before that Jan 2021. No great loss. (edited)
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    Rip Cs
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    Will miss the 1p I got for each receipt submission - all added up!!!
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    Duff duff duff
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    Typical, just went looking at what deals were available and then found this. At least I can't see what I had in my account and hadn't claimed.
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    Not much warning given re its demise. I also mostly used it to upload receipts for the penny given.
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