Terrible Smell from Sink

    I posted something similar a while ago but nothing seemed to have solved the problem.

    Basically when someone runs the sink in the bathroom, the most awful smell comes up from the kitchen sink - like rotten eggs and fills the whole room.

    Any advice as to what we can do about it please?


    clean out the traps, ie: u bends

    you didnt say that drain was blocked so take the drain fitting out and check there isnt a collection of gunge - i.e soap with hair - and check grid at outlet -

    have you cleaned the drains outside the house? because of the way water runs it might be a smell from the outside drains rising through the pipes while water is running through the other part of the piping network.

    i hate to say it but have you checked for dead rats or something else in the pipes? you can get people to come out and suck the pipes clean of all gloop and nasty stuff...

    hope this helps x x x

    Did you check the over flow pipe from the sink to the ubend?
    Ours was too long and had filled up with stale water and foodstuffs, was stinking everytime we ran the drain.

    Easy way to get rid of gunk. Soda crystals and hot water available from supermarket 60-70p.
    Pour down drains and it will loosen the grease, soap etc. Once a week to keep drains running freely.

    We had this prob too tried everything but this was the only thing that worked:
    Put a cupfull of bicarb down the plug hole, leave for 5 minutes then wash it down with 1 cup full of vinegar and immediately after 1 full kettle of boiling water
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