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    recently got a clubcard from tesco and was wondering about a couple of things:

    1. Can you check your points total online?
    2. When you recieve your quaterly statement do they include vouchers for your points so far or do they let you accumulate them?
    3. If they do give you vouchers do you swap them for airmiles at tesco?
    4. Can you re-use the 1000 points for £50 spend on tesco online if not how do people get such huge point totals and use them to pay for holidays?
    5. finally... how many points do you have?



    1. Yes, sign in ]here and it'll display your total. ( as long as you're registered online)

    2. You receive vouchers for your points so far, but they're valid for about 3 years and if you don't use them, you can call customer services who'll add them to your total.

    3. You can use them for all kinds of things- take a look ]here

    4. You can't reuse them, but you can have a few accounts open (using different email addresses to register each time. EG one in your name, one in your partners, one in a child/parents name.)
    Register with Quidco each time you make an account to gain a fiver cashback

    5. I have £103 from my last statement (over 3 accounts) worth £412 in deals, and I've collected 8500+ points so far this quarter, so should end up with about £100 worth, so the total for the last 6 months will be about £812 in deals.

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    How did you manage to total nearly £100? thats 10,000 points right? do the 1000 points things change every month/quater?


    You can get 1000 points on wine purchases too-
    yes new points vouchers get issued every so often, if you click on the vouchers section at the top right of this page, and scroll down to tesco, you may see that a 500 points voucher has just been added. The best thing to do when you find a new voucher on here or elsewhere is "bank" it... that is sign into each of your accounts, add a load of shopping to your basket so your total is above the minimum spend, click "checkout", put your voucher code in, click "ok", then sign out completely without paying for the shopping. Then when you go to do your grocery shop, your code will be sat on your account waiting to be used.

    I get to 100 by using 3 accounts, 1000/500 extra points on grocery codes, same on Tesco Wine, pay for my petrol at Tesco and swipe my clubcard...

    Once you start using the bonus points codes, your totals go up quite quickly (bearing in mind we do a £70 shop every week)

    If you do buy anything instore, you sometimes get "Tillspits", which are receipts with bonus codes on the bottom. (They reward points if you purchase a specific item.)

    Edit: Scratch the 500 points thing, the voucher isn't there now Just got to keep looking though

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    Cool, thanks for the advice, greatly appreciated


    No problem- there may be a 1000 point code due to come out soon as the statements get sent out in a few weeks- there's also a 3x 250 points code just been published- it'll be on the front page shortly probably...

    OH and have a look at the ]Johnsons baby product loophole

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    whats the MSE tip email?


    Another saver site, Money Saving expert, send out a newsletter- that'll be what you mean.

    You can set your account on here to receive RSS feed that'll alert you to deals, but it's best just to keep checking in periodically
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