Found 7th Dec 2006
hi anyone know how to make the tesco 17.99 dvd player into multi region?? i stupidly bought a 24 disc boxset for £120 thinking it was region 2..but its region 1, and just also found out that is the only region it comes in lol so instead of sending it back i need to make my dvd player play them. as its for my other half for xmas.

thanks for any help....hope this isnt againt the rules or illegal or anything lol

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Try this method.
Try this site.Tons of hacks on there.Don't know what make your tesco model is otherwise i would have done a search myself.:santa:
cant damage it can it?

im not sure myself what make it is bazr lol. thanks for the help tho...both rep'd

gonna have a look at both and ill let you know if any work...thanks
No it can't damage it. In the worst case, just bring it back to Tesco
As to website link, both mine and bazr's are leading to the same website.
oh yeah so it is..lol..

lol or buy a new one..only 17.99...decent too
WOW, FAB. it worked. thanks to you both. rep left for you both.

that has saved me a LOT of money and trouble.
whilst we're on the topic - anyone know how to make a Dell 640m laptop DVD drive region free? :-)
Have you tried AnyDVD?

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