Tesco 5 year warranty on TV

Found 3rd Aug 2015
I had purchased Blaupunkt 39" TV from Tesco in May 2014 when they were running a 48 month extra warranty for free as a Football offer. The TV was bought as a spare and was left unused for first 6 months and only installed just before Christmas for my kid's bedroom. It worked well till last week and then died, it powers on but no display (blueish background).

So I called Tesco Tech Support hoping for them to sort out. They took details and promised a call back within 72 hours, so was contacted today to collect it on Friday and take another week or so to repair. Somehow I told him that I am not happy with the extended warranty when the caller backed out and said he was processing an out of warranty claim. Now he wants me to use SquareTrade to get my TV repaired. After a bit of arguments, he agreed to call them and transfer the call.

Speaking to SquareTrade I found out that they have stopped repairing TV's and offer 2 options :-
1. Repair it locally at your expense and then claim back. However the stupidity with that process is that any claims made are used while assessing future claims. As the TV was purchased for £199, if the repair costs £100 then I can only claim for £99 worth of repairs in future which proves that the warranty is as good as useless.
2. Other option is for going for a cash settlement which was approx £140.

I wouild have opted for the latter, but as I need a TV and bought it from Tesco to have a peace of mind for 5 years I am not sure what is the best option.

As far as I understood warranty, they are supposed to cover repairs for the full period of warranty.

What do you guys think about this warranty - is it fair ?
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what do the terms state ?

what do the terms state ?

The terms are not very specific on how claims are worked out. To be honest, I have yet to come across such limited claim warranties. Banks like Natwest cover these repairs as part of their fee paying accounts and they put a limit amount you can claim per year but this warranty goes way beyond that as it effectively means you could claim maximum twice for my TV.

I would like to know if anybody had the experience of using the 5 year warranty for TV purchased from Tesco.
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