Tesco 70% off premium cookware vouchers

Found 28th Aug 2011
Hi all

Tesco are currently running a promotion where if you spend £20 in store you get one voucher, collect 10 vouchers and you get 70% off one piece of 'premium cookware.

Does anyone know if its only certain stores giving vouchers as my (food) tesco arent giving them out, or is it just tesco homestores or something?

Just got a new cooker and need some nice induction compatible pans asap!
Liked the look of these pans.

Next question..is there a forum where you can ask nice hukd-ers to donate their unwanted vouchers?

Thanks all!
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My local Extra does them. Interestingly the Petrol Station there also hands out the vouchers, even though I am sure in the rules it says they don't.

I am guessing the pans are about their price at the discounted price.
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Thanks, not been given any vouchers by any tesco stores yet!
And I agree the pans probably aren't worth the rrp but looked decent anyway
check Ikea, Argos, Amazon etc, there are more induction ok pans now than there used to be.
I got 2 from a tesco online grocery order a week or so ago. I'm saving them up for a grill pan.
I think the vouchers said one voucher per £20 spend, 10 vouchers needed for one 70% off item of cookware.
anyone have a link for these pans, I haven't seen them? Ta
You are better off getting decent heavy bottom pans, try your local asian community shops, ive had a few from there, they are better to cook with than any pans ive used before, and ive had a few normal sets from cheap to expensive.
These ones dont look as good, but they dont burn or stick as much and they are much more durable
I'm possibly the only person in the country who set out to look for lightweight induction ok pans. I can't lift the heaviest pans off the hob when they are full up with water/food .
Tesco in Shrewsbury are giving them out (and they have the pans on display)
but I've never received any from the (smaller) Tesco closer to me.
These pans are really good quality. My wife bought one and liked it, she went back a bought 5 more (2 more for us 3 for the mo in lo)!

She didn't have enough tickets so she queued up on the aisle with the middle aged man (server) and fluttered her eyes and she got a whole book! Lol!
Pricey pans but feel quality, they are really heavy with a good thick base, I picked one up and nearly dropped it as I wasnt expecting the weight to be quite so much.
I've got 2 x 20cm saucepans, the large stockpot and the stir fry pan and I'm really pleased with them.They are heavy when filled with water though.May be worth taking your receipts to customer service and saying you haven't been given any tokens.I did that and the woman asked how many I wanted !
Thanks all.
Think I will speak to customer services, see if.I can get some.
lots for sale on ebay
Yeh seen them thanks, might end up buying from ebay...
These are Rosenthal Thomas pans (which is part of WWRD or the Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton Group) From what I can find out, the company is much more well known in Germany as it purchased the famous Hutschenreuther company which made very fine porcelain.

...so my conclusion from feeling them and who has made them is that they are worth the £14-£20

Yeh seen them thanks, might end up buying from ebay...

If I get any over the next couple of weeks, you are more than welcome to them mate, I personally believe the RRP is well over the top and you'll be paying the going rate for some mediocre cookware.
I googled the brand name when I first got a couple of vouchers and found next to nothing.... I think that says it all..... p,s, them vouchers went in the bin... sorry !
You have to ask for the vouchers at the till, they don't seem to be asking if you want them for some reason. But ask and you will get them.
I live near Glasgow and the checkout staff always ask if I'm collecting the coupons when I spend my £20 or more.
can these vouchers only be redeemed instore?
Yesterday I purchased 2 x Thomas pans in Tesco Coatbridge only to be told that I only needed to produce 2 x coupons for the 70% off offer. I had previously purchased 3 Thomas pans from Tesco Extra Cumbernauld which is my local store where I do all my main shopping, and I needed 30 coupons for the the 3 pans. I have spent £1000 which equates to 50 coupons so that I would be able to collect a 5 x piece set of pans. I do not understand why 2 Tesco Stores only 6 miles apart can have different rules for their customers. This means that if you shop in Coatbridge Tesco you only need to spend £100 (5 coupons) to get the same 70% discount on 5 Thomas pans. I am furious, and I feel my loyality to Tesco has been abused. I currently have 9,000 points on my clubcard which proves that I am a loyal customer to Tesco, especially to the Cumbernauld Store. . Could you please email me and explain why I have been tricked into buying which I thought was a genuine offer which I so deserve for being a loyal customer.

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Hi all, Just wondering if you get these coupons when you purchase diesel in a tesco station? Great if anyone knows thanks!

Hi all, Just wondering if you get these coupons when you purchase diesel … Hi all, Just wondering if you get these coupons when you purchase diesel in a tesco station? Great if anyone knows thanks!

Offer has now changed and no doubt you wont be back to see this msg but i believe its now off special glasses and tableware.
HI, Just wondering how long more will this promotion be on for in Tesco, Limerick, Ireland ? they are a nice quality. but they are low in stock, hope to purchase mine during the coming week, Bernadette
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