Tesco accepting 'Sainsbury's' money off vouchers - in store only.

Found 16th Jun 2010
I went to my local Tesco today (Leeds) and noticed a sign saying that they were accepting Sainsbury's vouchers (the ones that give you money off for spending a certain amount e.g Save £8 when you spend £40).

Usually these vouchers are only for Sainsbury's stores and for people with a nectar card, but for some reason Tesco are accepting them too!

Check with staff first before you begin your shop, but they accepted mine after querying them with the manager - and they accepted them for spending money on clothes too.

It's not a deal for everyone, but if you have the vouchers, and prefer Tesco, then you may as well save a few bob.
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Sorry, I should mention that the vouchers will have been sent to you in the post if you are a regular Sainsbury's shopper / Nectar card user - like I said, it's not a deal for everyone.
they are also taking asda coupons
Tesco have been accepting competitors coupons for years. The only ones that are a bit tricky at the moment are the Daily Mirror £5 Lidl ones that they will give out tomorrow and Friday - it depends on how near the local Lidl is to your store. If they do accept them (ask at customer service when you go in) just buy a few Daily Mirrors and put your shopping through in £30 loads, taking £5 off each load. My Tesco also takes the £5 and £10 Farmfoods ones that are in newspapers sometimes.
Not really a hot deal IMO they have always took others coupons
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Tescos have always been taking these - we get loads of Sainsburys and have been using them at Tescos for years. They were also taking Farmfoods as well but think its stopped now.
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