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    tesco baby points i have had some sent through the post if anyone wants them

    hi everyone i have had some tesco baby points sent through the post
    100 extra points when u buy huggies nappies
    100 extra points when u buy any product from kandoo range
    75 points when u but petitis filous
    1.50 off annual membership at tumble tots , gymbobs or gymbabes
    and win 1000 points

    these are no use to me as i dont shop at tesco and to be honest i dont no if what these points are worth but if they will be usefull to some one i will post them out free of charge i have some spare stamps xx


    Yes please ....

    Sorry just wanted to get in quick. I think that these can be used by anyone so would really appreciate it if you could send them to me. Very kind of you to offer

    Original Poster

    ok pm me your address and ill get them sent out xx
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