Tesco - beware they seem to clamping down on the spend level which allows a voucher use

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Found 10th Apr 2009
In the past I have benefited from using the vouchers so long as my basket reached the required amount say £50/£60/£70 etc, and then the voucher would be deducted followed by any other offers in my basket such as bogofs etc.

This meant i could get a really great value on my shop, but last night my gorceries were delivered and the voucher had not been decucted despite the online register accepting it.

I am not sure weather to ring tesco to complain since if they look at my history each week i have managed to find a code! They might find this alarming.

Also, think I would be on sticky ground cos I did have savings in the basket worth £7 and this is what brought me under the spend level, but as I said in the past this hasnt caused a problem.

Obviously I feel ripped of today, but I have to remember that i have had a good run of discounts in the past so all in all, i am better off.

Just thought you should beware.

I'm switching to Asda from now on!!


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This happened to me once, a few months ago now and I phoned and complained and they said that that code had not been registered to me! I said I got it from my mum (it wasn't, got it here) and that I was doing some of her shopping for her but they were having none of it! :x

I also had a voucher refused - rang them up and said that if it hadn't been accepted at the checkout then I would not have continued with the order. Took a few days but they awarded it to me in the end

tesco's-one of my pet hates lol

ocado is SO much better. If a bit more costly.

I would call up and complain and say you wont be using their service anymore then and see if they offer you some form of sweetener. Not a definite to work, but worth a try!
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