tesco breakdown

    Has anyone used this.. what do you think of its service?

    i was looking on the website, £79 for the total care - which covers everything

    i usually go with RAC but its too expensive now..

    anyone used this?

    what you think?





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    oops, sorry. you can tell i dont know what im doing!!

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    yea i was reading about autoaid breakdown but the fact that you have to pay to claim it back puts me off, i would prefer to pay and then be sorted!

    Tesco breakdown cover is supplied through Green Flag, which is operated by local agents throughout the UK as opposed to RAC's own fleet of vans. Having worked for both, I would say that the RAC generally offer a better level of expertise in a breakdown situation and also the RAC tend to be more accomodating to long distance recovery etc if you require it whereas Green Flag are not so keen in authorising their agents if they think they can get away with a cheaper alternative solution.

    Had a great experience with Green flag when the brakes failed on my old Espace a few years ago. We'd just loaded the daughter's stuff up in Preston for the trip home from Uni to Sussex.

    'Cos we were in a university town at the end of term, they were keen to check we weren't a bunch of students trying it on, so we did have to wait for a mechanic to check, then another wait for the recovery truck (They DON'T fix brakes by the roadshide. Period). Had the fastest trip back south I think we'd ever done.

    The guy had to stop for diesel once. He saw the queue at the car pumps and nipped smartly to the commercial pumps, saying that he shouldn't really do that and if anyone asked,to say I was a diabetic and I neeed to get back home before I needed another jab, as my injections had run out.



    We are with Halford's they are good :thumbsup:

    I am with the AA and they have been excellent. and thats been around 7 years straight!!!
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