Tesco Calling App - Cheap Calls back to UK from any anywhere in world with internet connection 1p/min and free texts. Also £1 free credit!

Posted 23rd Jan
This service may have been available for a while, but only just started using it and absolutely loving it!
(I'm fully aware WhatsApp, iMessage, Facetime, etc are not taking over the use of phone calls and texting, but this still has its uses!)

You download the app, no need to register, it just signs you up based upon your mobile number, and you can start using.

As long as you have a WIFi internet connection, for example at a hotel you are staying at abroad, you can call people on their UK mobile or landline numbers for 1p per minute.

The text messaging service is completely free! Where you send the text from within the app and the person receiving the texts is none the wiser, receiving is as normal, with it showing as your mobile number on their phone. When they text back, it will go into you normal texting app you use, however the ones sent from the Tesco App only show from there.

When you first download the app you get £1 free credit!. You don't need to top up further, however once the £1 credit has ran out, the minimum top-up it £2.

Just come back from Dubai and saved a small fortune, as calls were over 90p/min and texts 28p, if i had used roaming on the phone. However just used the Tesco Calling App when connected to WiFi, no text charges and the £1 free credit was enough to make a few calls back home to family members and work who don't use WhatsApp.
(Internet connection at hotel varied from round 3-7mb speeds and call quality very good throughout.)

Even if you're back in the UK the app has its uses... As calling abroad is very cheap and It appears texting is also free to many other countries too and not just the UK, also if you only get limited calls/texts on your mobile plan, this can help to limit the costs, by using this app when you go over your normal minutes.

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Just don't use the landline to call the Tesco calling card numbers, it charges premium rate rather than free or local rate.
+4p connection fee per call.
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