Tesco Car Warranty

Found 25th Feb 2009
I am interested in buying the tesco car warranty. Does anybody know of any voucher codes, points or cashbacks ect availble if I proceed with the purchase?
(I tried to quiz the sales person and she said it be worth looking for something, but would not expand any further!) Thanks for you help.
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tescos sell cars now?
What is it you are planning on buying? Car insurance or breakdown?

What is it you are planning on buying? Car insurance or breakdown?



Looks good, might buy it myself now I know about it! lol :-D
planning to buy premier warranty as it also covers all repairs when you have your car MOT, so no worrying about horrendous bill for wipers and lightbulbs ect. It is different to car insurance as it is for mechaniclal/electrical breakdown. Not looking good for extra points on this product!
May be good to hear from someone who has used one of these warranty's.
Always a little dubious about things like this, But it is backed by car plan and you get your points too..
Maybe these things have improved a lot over the years...
There was always an excess and "oh sorry pal, your not covered for the clutch bearing that's stuffed up your engine, going to cost ya £300 to get to it" or something like that

Have considered the 2 plan.... Just my luck for things on the not included side to always go wrong...
But , NO excess, as many claims as you want..

this looks pretty good will show the hubby as our 3 year warranty comes to an end this month
I've seen one advertising on TV for less than tesco, about £12 per month. Cant remember who they are though
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