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Tesco cashpoint didn`t give me cash but payment taken from my account

Posted 8th Nov 2017
So I went to Tesco after work to withdraw some money from their ATM outside. I did my pin code and selected to withdraw £20 cash. The machine gave me my debit card back as they do but guess what... no cash...I waited and nothing...??

So I went into Tesco and immediately spoke to customer services. I explained that their ATM didn`t give me the £20 and would I be charged? The woman told me they had been having issues with their cashpoints, she went on to say that the payment would show as pending in my account but would not be taken.

I have just checked my online banking and payment has been taken from my account!

I`m glad it was £20 and not £200! not sure what to do now...? how can I prove anything?
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