Tesco christmas stock!

Found 6th Sep 2017
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This is just absolutely disgusting! They ruin the appeal and magic of Christmas and Christmas food shopping when they sell stuff so early, all for their greed.It really pi$$es me off!
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You lucky git

There's a whole bunch of us guys who wish Summer was over

Oh wait..........................that Summer? It went in June after we had 3 full glorious sunny days
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Its too early

summerof761 m ago

Its too early [Image]

Hi Summer
You don't like it early?
Not even just after waking up?
Lord how depressing. Easter stuff will be out on boxing day
Nope most of that stuff is just chocolate , normal anytime chocolate , I'm ignoring those little red packets in the corner that look like gingerbread men. I love Christmas , but need to get Halloween and Bonfire night over and done with prior to buying Christmas food. Some people must live in far bigger houses than mine with lots of storageto be buying stuff already. Oh just realised that I have Christmas presents already in the loft , so maybe shouldn't comment any more
Debenhams started last week with the Christmas cards, crackers and wrapping paper!
Christmas is nothing more than a commercial enterprise these days. Christmas spirit died long ago.
Bah Humbug !

If you have young kids you'll see there's still a peace of magic on the Day
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