Tesco club card app vouchers scan at till trick

Posted 11th Jun 2022 (Posted 6 h, 45 m ago)
When you scan the club card app bar codes on phone at till (self scan service I use) the code works but a message pops up on screen asking for paper voucher. At that point wave something in the voucher slot that's at knee height. I used my bank card but anything like shopping list will work. The staff use a plastic pass they carry around neck or bit of card and move in slot. I was told anything works and a quick left and right movement of my bank card got me a voucher accepted voice. Flaw in system I guess.
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    Saves having to wait for assistance waving something in slot yourself. That's all staff do. Crazy flaw. First time I waited what seemed ages and all staff member did was wave plastic envelope in slot so machine thought it was paper voucher. Told me to do the same next time so I did (edited)
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    Or just go shop lifting. Save the bother of messing about with tills etc (edited)
    Just about to say the same. If you're gonna be a thief at least do it properly
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    You cannot use the voucher twice as it records its use against your club card. I know someone who works there. That’s why you need to present your club card to use the voucher
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    As soon as voucher is scanned it is no longer available on the app.

    the only thing this does is save you time at the till
    I noted the voucher stayed on app till the next day. But I never tried to use it the 2nd time as that would be cheating.
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    Vouchers are one time even if they still show on app. I got double points today
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