Tesco Clubcard

    Are there any other members having problems with their clubcard vouchers?
    I tried to double mine the other day only to be told that they were 'inactive'.After speaking to Clubcard on the stores telephone they said that I had phoned and asked for my vouchers to be 'rolled over'[WHAT???] and when I denied was told the system was right and infallible!!!!!!!!!!
    When I checked on 'MY Account' [Clubcard] it was totally wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Even the app on my ipod touch doesn't work any more.
    Has Tesco lost the plot completely?
    Has anybody else experienced problems?



    There was a sign in our Tesco this morning saying something along the lines of "Due to a GLOBAL technical issue we are currently unable to..." then something to do with Clubcard vouchers. So I'd assume they are having IT issues.

    I doubled mine instore at their customer services the other day but it took ages. As previous poster said - IT issues. Then when I finally got the vouchers most of them would not scan at check out. Got sorted eventually though.

    They refused to double mine on Friday,must email today about that.

    mega issues with the double up this time, I was in work yesterday and the queue for Double up was taking 1 hour, so by the time they got to us till people the customers were fuming. I dont blame them, but I felt sorry for the girls on the Double up tills.

    The systems kept crashing, causing mega delays.

    I Doubled my own vouchers up today and the queue only took 10 mins, so fingers crossed the systems will sort themselves out soon.

    anyone know long the vouchers are taking to come through if exchanged online?
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