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    tesco clubcard account

    now im probably going to get welcome to 2010 or have i been in a coma for a year, but i have just found out about it and discovered i have a unused £7 from last may it might come in handy for others


    Hi, not sure what you mean by handy for others - are you giving it away? if so please count me as interested.(_;)

    I'm glad you posted that as I have no idea what the OP is on about either!

    if you go onto your tesco clubcard account is shows you all vouchers you have been issued and havent used


    welcome to the end of 2010......not too bad hey OP!

    Original Poster


    ^^welcome to the end of 2010......not too bad hey OP!

    hehe its a gallon of diesel for me


    I want it.

    Happy new porter

    Original Poster


    I want it.Happy new porter

    now gone
    happy new dlm


    the porter

    now gone ;)happy new dlm

    Woops, I missed out year.

    I like to save my points for deals.

    U need the Clubcard which the Voucher is attached to

    by right the till operator must look at the clubcard and the voucher before putting through the transaction
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