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Found 31st May 2007
how long do they take to deliver them to you? iv ordered £35 worth of goldsmiths voucher and its "not yet despatched" ordered it on monday.
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usually a couple of days

I've got stuff that was delivered months ago that still shows as not yet dispatched. The bank holiday will have set them back a day too
I'd give them a ring, the last lot we ordered a month or so ago, was the first lot that we did online... didn't turn up for ages, website still said not yet despatched (and still does!) - called them up to chase and apparently there had been a 'machine error' and our deals vouchers had gone to someone else - they'd only found this out when the receiving customer telephoned and told them!!!

Was then told that as soon as they received them bcak, they would send them onto us.... well we waited about a week and called again, to be told they'd not had them back!! Spoke to manager who apologised and advised that we shouldn't have had to wait for them to get them back!! They re-issued fresh ones and sent them by Special Delivery!!!

Give them a chase! - especially if you did them online!
Mine have also always been delivered within a couple of days.
i ordered bowling vouchers and got them retty quickly i think, about 3 days
i got my delivery within 2 days
ok thanks, ill ring em tomorrow
ordered mine last friday and they arrived on wednesday.. bearing in mind weekend and bank holiday..
Ask Saxo, he should help.
call 0808 100 0707,

God! i know that number off by heart now lol

We dont have any info on anything to do with deals im afraid but a csm will help you at Deals.

Usually they just take a few days tho :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
thanks, you work for them i presume? actually it was you who posted a thread about getting interviewed for tesco wasnt it?

ill just ring em tomorrow, thanks for the info guys

oh btw saxo, do you know if i can use a 500 points voucher on t. direct orders more than once on same account?
you mean you have a £5 voucher from your clubcard statement?

no you can only use it once, im on direct aswell and when we put the code in it goes green as its been accepted,
try it a second time and it will go red and tell us its been already accepted.

oh sorry, yeh i work for the call centre and im on clubcard and direct trained and know abit about shopping .com as i did that when i was working for them a couple of years ago.
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