Tesco Clubcard for Hotel stays

    Hi guys,

    Got a question for you. I have about £35 worth of clubcard points which should get me £140 in deals.

    Has anyone ever used them for booking hotels and is it worth it?

    Reason am asking is that I wasnt sure if you can use the clubcard points against current offers or is it always against rack rates which can be alot more than current offers.

    Same question applys I guess to Butlins or Havens. Is it against normal havens prices or rack prices?



    Yeah you never get the promotional rates. Only the basic leisure or b&b rates.

    You pay the brochure price for Butlins etc.

    I used them for the Marriott and the Thistle though and they gave good exchanges but most others weren't worth the exchange..

    I used them at the Hilton twice in the last couple of months.
    It was £80 a night for the room and stayed the weekend so only cost me £40 in clubcard vouchers, wicked

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys!

    Think I'll go for the hilton deal too!!

    Rep for both :thumbsup:

    Just make sure you follow the rules on the rules on the page - ]http//ww…114

    Download the pdf file and read it through.
    Its quite simple but just make sure you do it right

    I've used them for Best Western, it's Leisure Break B&B rate that you use, was actually cheaper than the Advance Purchase Room Only. You can also use them midweek and get family rooms. Have a look at the website to get prices and then phone up to book, you don't even need to have already ordered the vouchers from Tesco, just get the price from Best Western and then order the exact amount of vouchers from Tesco.

    Haven isn't available with Tesco Clubcard but Park Resorts is, I've also used them ,1st booking they gave me at the discounted web price but the
    2nd time, no discounts were allowed was full brochure price, think it just depends who you get on the phone, if they will allow discounts or not. Even at full price they are alot cheaper than Haven but don't have too many parks to choose from.
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