Tesco Clubcard Meal deal £3 (Clubcard price) - includes Costa Express coffee - can be combined with weekly Friday app Costa Offer

Posted 4th Oct 2022
This has been mentioned previously but just reposting in case not aware. Tesco meal deal Clubcard price is £3 ongoing, which includes a Drink, Snack, and Wrap, Sandwich, Roll, Pasty Or Salad. The drink can include a regular Costa Express coffee. So if after a Costa coffee in Tesco would work out better buying the meal deal (£3 Clubcard price) as standalone Costa coffee is £3.05.

In addition, Costa have been running a weekly Friday app offer which requires a drink purchase to get subsequent drink free or discounted. The offer changes weekly e.g. this weeks offer is buy a Costa drink on Friday 7th and get a reward for 2 drinks from Maple Hazel range or Gingerbread & Cream Latte for £4 (redeemed from 8th October until 13th October 2022). So it's possible to buy the Costa drink with lunch meal for £3 in Tesco via the Costa app on the 7th to benefit from the promo.

Costa app

To stack with weekly Friday Costa offer

Costa Express Machines at Tesco Stores, scan your QR Code at The Costa Express machine when you get your drink then just pay for meal deal at the checkout for £3 Clubcard price.

Instructions via app - credit @nihir

Go to Order > Costa Express Machine and then you can scan QR code on machine while it makes your drink. That will register your purchase and enables you to get the Friday costa offer next week at any costa store via app


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  1. Rmcstar's avatar
    One of the best ones (And cheapest) out there!
    Sainsbury's isn't bad at £3.50 though
  2. pookey1's avatar
    Thanks for posting as i wasn't aware. We ate loads of these meal deals in the summer
  3. jsac's avatar
    Now £3.40 Clubcard price or £3.90 without
  4. puffin1's avatar
    I know this is an old post but worth mentioning that this excludes large, limited edition drinks and any syrups. I can’t offer you anymore info I’m afraid but worth double checking t&c’s.
  5. Professor_Chaos's avatar
    Sorry for reviving an old post but is costa drink still included in Tesco meal deal? And do they have decaf equivalents ? Can you add the points on your costa app as well ?
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