Tesco Clubcard point vouchers arrived...

    4800 points this quarter mostly due to all the 500/1000 point codes on here, which ideally I'd like to spend on clubcard deals on £200 worth of goodies....

    Hopefully the clubcard deals will improve and become more diverse.


    ooh ooh - that means ours will be coming soon hopefully!!

    I have about 3700 according to last weeks shopping receipt - mine havent turned up yet

    Will have some on dads card too as he gets petrol from tesco

    5000 points although that's just the credit card clubcard that's arrived. Expecting a similar amount on the actual clubcard that usually arrives a couple of days later. Should make £400 worth of deals this quarter!

    Went to Greece a couple of months ago for 2 weeks off of the vouchers and it was the best holiday I've ever had, might be able to go again sooner than I thought!

    Nice one Benjimoron!


    Nice one Benjimoron!


    Just placed orders to gett another 4000 points and the wife is going to get life insurance which apparently gives another 2000 points. That's another £240 towards the holiday!

    hmm i used a code on here to get 500 free points and have noticed that they have now been removed from my account for some reason :-(

    I love my tesco points, I always save them, Ive had annual tuassards passes for all five of us, for two years running , then we had a butlins holiday for the kids, and last year we got £900 of cosmos holiday to florida (plus also got 2 free child places!!) , and this year a egypt holiday for three of us, and my daughter was 21 in june so used them for £180 in deals to planet hollywood in london, and now have just got mine yesterday and will use them for my daughter who will be 16 in october, she wants to take a couple of friends to planet hollywood to celebrate her 16th birthday... so Ive had quite a few good deals with collecting these points and cant understand how some people just hand them in for their tesco shopping ... so much better to save and get 4times amount.......

    Original Poster

    Not all the 4x clubcard deals are for everyone though.

    Including recent vouchers, I have over £80s worth but I want something more tangible, days out/holidays = cash to spend alongside it and I'm desperate to pay off my mortgage before this housing crisis arrives so I have downgraded a few of my services to curb my spending.

    Call me a tightwad hermit if you want but it's only until I help out my own/family mortgages.

    So I'm hoping for some better deals.…als
    Only one from that lot I'm interested in is the RAC cover

    The deal we always go for is the MOT and Service at Nationwide Autos - 2 weeks ago I saved £180 in 'real' money, which was really handy, because once again i'd 'forgotten' that it was my MOT in August (I always think it's in September!!!!) so wasn't prepared for an extra bill!

    We usually get enough points in a quarter for each car (mine and her's) so the rest is currently going towards a new bathroom (so i'm told!) - still, it's better than spending 'real' money!!!

    Where did you book your hol to egypt through. we are looking to pay off some of our honeymoon with vouchers.
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