tesco clubcard points

i amassed a couple thosand points and i thought great ill just leave them and use them when needed

now my points balance is couple hundred

whats happened? do these points expire or something?


no-they will be sending you the vouchers for those points-so your balance goes down when they send them out

don't they send you vouchers each month? You can store them up?


don't they send you vouchers each month? You can store them up?

They get sent out every quarter I think, but they've got a long expiry on them so you can save up quite a few before you use them...

I got my vouchers yesterday, so they have been sent out

Tesco send out the vouchers every 3 months but the vouchers last for about 2 years.

Original Poster

oh sugar i bin most of the tesco mail rofl!

thanks all


oh sugar i bin most of the tesco mail rofl!thanks all

If u think u have thrown any vouchers away give them a call and they can tell what vouchers havnt been used and say u have lost them they can re-issue them to you

I'm still waiting for mine they are the August vouchers,phoned and they are still being delivered right up till the 21st........also I had vouchers that had expired??? and they re-enstated them for Novembers vouchers......so better to phone and check what you should have etc....its a free phone no on the back of your card...

Anyone else still awaiting theirs????

I did the same thing, then realised that they had all disappeared, just binned the vouchers thinking if you didn't spend them they just stayed on card.

I emailed Tesco customer services, they called me back next day and reissued all my unspent points to my card.
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