Tesco clubcard points and virgin

    Having one of those days where i cant see the woods for the trees!
    if i exchange my vouchers to use with Virgin can they be used for any holiday/flight or is it a limited selection? Also do you need to pay for the whole thing with the vouchers?

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    Go to the bottom of page and you can download all info about using your vouchers for virgin holidays, hope this helps x

    From what i understand they can be used for part payment but is usually a minimum spend - probably £500.
    There's lots of different types of holidays they can be used for

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    Thanks i am going to call them tomorrow as the info is very flakey

    They can be used with any holiday I think (package over £500). I used the online website to chose my holiday and ended up paying only £67 extra for each adult and losing the online booking discount. I got all the other discounts shown online (other than the online booking discount which is currently 10%).
    I used £560 of deals (£115 of tesco vouchers) and ended up saving a total of £350 off my holiday when you compared using vouchers to taking the online booking discount (which was only 5% a few days ago).
    You can use vouchers to pay part or the full amount if you are lucky enough to have that many.
    Hope this helps

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    I used £560 of deals (£115 of tesco vouchers) and ended up saving a total … I used £560 of deals (£115 of tesco vouchers) and ended up saving a total of £350 off my holiday

    why did it only save you £350 if you had £560?

    I have compared the online price to the phone booking with vouchers price
    I would have got £210 off without the tokens if I booked online

    (Obviously I am only taliking about my experience here and other prices/discounts may vary for other times/holidays)

    I couldn't get the £210 of online discounts (adult price discount and 5% online booking) when using vouchers.

    I did get £560 off my holiday (but could have got £210 extra discount if I booked online).
    [COLOR="red"]£140 [/COLOR]of Tesco vouchers got me £350 off the online discounted price. Which I thought was worth while.
    Hope this makes sence? - Sometimes it isn't worth using vouchers because the broucher price is normally a lot higher. However I got most of the savings that were showing online. The same holiday was over £1000 more a few weeks ago. I have only had to pay £159 each for my two children which is a bargin (available online and over the phone).
    Give Virgin a call and ask them about an online price you have. Tell them you want to use vouchers then get the higher price. If you like the price, get the tesco vouchers converted. Only took a couple of days for me. They are valid for 6 months. If you then decided not to use them, you can send them back with a cover letter, to get them converted back to points (That's what they told me anyway).
    Virgin have some good deals in March at the moment if thats not too soon.

    [COLOR="Red"](Sorry for inaccuracy in 1st post I converted £140 of points to £560 of Virgin Deal vouchers) {£1 to £4} [/COLOR]
    Again, hope this helps?

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    oh right thanks

    Does anybody know how you can still use expired clubcard points? I have been saving up and didnt realise that some have expired at the end of last year

    A quick look at the following website suggets that they no longer credit them back to your account (But they did do a few years back).
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