Tesco Clubcard Points for Old Printer Cartriges

    Do Tescos still give clubcard points for each cartridge sent away?

    Rep waiting.



    yes they do, just pick up a pouch from customer service desk or you may find more info on [url][/url]

    but they have limited the makes. i remember a while back when they gave you points for every type of ink cartridge, but now they have limited it to a few brands/makes. So check first to see if they take yours.

    I know they dont take most (or maybe all) of the epson cartridges.

    Canon ink cartridges
    Canon PG40 Canon PG40 PG41
    Canon CL41 Canon CL41 CL41
    Canon BC02 Canon BC02 BC02
    Canon BC05 Canon BC05 BC05
    Dell ink cartridges
    Dell M4640 Dell M4640 Black M40
    Dell T0529 Dell T0529 Black T29
    Dell T0530 Dell T0530 Colour T30
    Dell M4646 Dell M4646 Colour M46
    Dell 7Y745 Dell 7Y745 Colour Y45
    Dell 7Y743 Dell 7Y743 Black Y43
    Hewlett Packard ink cartridges
    HP C9351A Hewlett Packard HP21 Black 21
    HP C9352A Hewlett Packard HP22 Colour 22
    HP C9361W Hewlett Packard HP342 Colour 342
    HP C9362W Hewlett Packard HP336 Black 336
    HP C9364E Hewlett Packard HP337 Black 337
    HP CB335E Hewlett Packard HP350 Black 350
    HP CB337E Hewlett Packard HP351 Colour 351
    HP HP51633M Hewlett Packard HP33 Black 33
    HP HPC1823D Hewlett Packard HP23D Colour 23D
    HP HPC6578A Hewlett Packard HP78 Colour 78
    HP HPC6614D Hewlett Packard HP20 Black 20
    HP HPC6615A Hewlett Packard HP15 Black 15
    HP HPC6625A Hewlett Packard HP17 Colour 17
    HP HPC6656A Hewlett Packard HP56 Black 56
    HP HPC6657A Hewlett Packard HP57 Colour 57
    HP HPC6658A Hewlett Packard HP58 Photo 58
    HP HPC8727A Hewlett Packard HP27 Black 27
    HP HPC8728A Hewlett Packard HP28 Colour 28
    HP HPC8765EE Hewlett Packard N338 Colour 338
    HP HPC9363EE Hewlett Packard N344 Colour 344
    HP HPC9369EE Hewlett Packard N348 colour 348
    Lexmark ink cartridges
    Lexmark 10N0016 Lexmark 16 Black 16
    Lexmark 10N0017 Lexmark 17 Black 17
    Lexmark 10N0026 Lexmark 26 Colour 26
    Lexmark 10N0027 Lexmark 27 Colour 27
    Lexmark 12A1970 Lexmark 70 Black 70
    Lexmark 12A1980 Lexmark 80 Colour 80
    Lexmark 13400HC Lexmark 134 Black 134
    Lexmark 15M0120 Lexmark 20 Colour 20
    Lexmark 17G0050 Lexmark 50 Black 50
    Lexmark 17G0060 Lexmark 60 Colour 60
    Lexmark 18C0031 Lexmark 31 Colour 31
    Lexmark 18C0032 Lexmark 32 Black 32
    Lexmark 18C0033 Lexmark 33 Colour 33
    Lexmark 18C0034 Lexmark 34 Black 34
    Lexmark 18C0035 Lexmark 35 Colour 35
    Lexmark 18C0781 Lexmark 1 Colour 1
    Lexmark 18L0032 Lexmark 82 Black 82
    Lexmark 18L0042 Lexmark 83 Colour 83
    Samsung ink cartridges
    Samsung INKM40 Samsung M40 Black M40
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