Tesco Clubcard vouchers as well as guidance needed

    I am planning a disney holiday in August for my family. Eurotunnel cost £140 return. I thought I can try to pay by tesco clubcard vouchers. Anyone got some vouchers to trade? I think I need £35 vouchers. I might get a grand total of £5 vouchers soon in the post. So I need £30 vouchers. No experience in these things, so a bit of guidance and vouchers will be helpful. Please quote how much you will need for them. I can pay by Bank transfer.

    Thanks in advance.


    hi i am selling mine, i have £31.50 worth and i will sell them for £63, which i will post them to you as well

    You can't always use other peoples clubcard vouchers for deals. They need to be converted first to the specific deal, and even then only certain deals such as "Days out" work. You will need to check this out before wasting your money.

    I would suggest joining the site "Paid to shop" and asking there, they have a specific Tesco forum. Loads of top clubcard deal experts there.

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    Thanks spudgun for the info. I will look at the Cheers.
    I have sent a pm cw018666. thanks.
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