Tesco Clubcard vouchers - what do you use them on?

    I've just rang up tesco as i had some vouchers that were expiring, and I asked the lady to tell me what vouchers I had. Turned out I had way more than I thought that must have got thrown in the bin!

    asked her to re-issue them for me and i think it'll end up being a fair bit (poss £50?) which, if I am right, will be £200 in clubcard deals.

    I thought I could use them on stuff like alton towers, but i wanted to know what the best way to spend them was. There seems to be hundreds of deals now, and I don't want to dig through them all in all honesty.


    sweeet, i just use mine on cds games and petrol

    Magazine subscriptions - good value generally.

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    magazine subscription might be an idea

    We've used them to go to a Haven site for a week, we stayed in a hotel for a week in London, we've been to legoland with them and I am just about to change some to go to Alton Towers for Halloween.

    We often use them for zoos and activities, and we are lucky cos my OH puts all his work expenses on his Tesco credit card so often get £200 or more clubcard points which when you exchange for deals it really adds up.

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    what about using them on airmiles or BA miles? also any idea which is better value, airmiles or BA miles?

    Sell them on ebay.

    They are worth 4 times as much in deals and always sell for at least 3 times the face value on there!

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    interesting, thanks for the tip. might be the best option

    I have just ordered some for the Hilton hotel for a long weekend.
    They're for a surprise for my mums 65th birthday

    Would've cost £160 but cost me nothing!

    Saving up to buy something nice from Goldsmiths...designer watch probably.

    Always use mine to pay for accommodation at Youth Hostels.

    Meals out and magazine subscriptions are good

    Def magazine subscriptions, makes a good present

    go to goldsmith .
    got a nice watch for my husband , he love it.

    Is your car due for a service or MOT i use thenm for that

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    it is! great idea. although i got a voucher for half price mot already.

    Another good one (depending if you like that sort of thing) is to get n merlin annual pass
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