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For a few years now I've been using Tesco for my main grocery shop (well it is only 5mins away), collecting clubcard points etc. More recently we've started using thier home delivery service, mainly because of the codes found here that at a minimum cover the delivery charge and/or the extra clubcard points codes.

Now I have 2 questons,

1) I've been wondering, where do all these codes originate from? I've seen the odd one for tesco wines on leaflets but never a grocery one.

2) I currently get bonus clubcard points coupons to use in store along with my clubcard statement. If I was to change my preference to online coupon codes (since about 3 out of 4 of our grocery shops we now do online), what types of stuff can I expect when I get my next statement?



1) They come from the tesco magazine, adverts in other magazines etc. Some are also sent via email to entice customers who have not shopped there in a while. Lastly, some are sent with your clubcard points in the form of a voucher. If the code starts with XX then it can be used by anyone, and so people post them on here

2) The same types of vouchers, but with a code so that they can be used online

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Thanks for the info. I'll probably change to online vouchers, seems to make more sense these days than having to go to the store to use them.
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