Tesco Cola Xero

Found 19th Jul
Does anyone know what's happened to this? Been to a couple of Tesco stores and the shelf these would normally be on have been out of stock for at least a month now.

Have they stopped making it?
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There was a fire at their main co2 factory and it's affected loads of their own brand fizzy drinks
hmm...I wonder if this is why Lidl haven't had any XXX Cola for weeks either (btw If you find some it's easily the best own brand cola out there...my kids actually prefer it to coke and Pepsi...)
Not a big drinker of colas apart from at the w/end with a spirit but I'm not a fan of cheaper own brand colas, I do remember from my younger days spar had there own cola called X.
It wasn't that regular own brand cola with the red label but a (I pressume) premium own brand cola. This wasn't bad.
While reminiscing I remembered spar also had crips called thingies. Bloody great crisps. Anybody remember them? 'Don't forget me thingies mum'
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CO2 shortage
It was Xrap
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