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    after recieveing low date products three or four time in a row. and subst``itions that meant i lost out on deals, (conveineintly for them), i finally ent them an email complaining.

    i got an email back with 10pound e-voucher, and refund for the last lot of low date products. (two packets of doughnuts that i received at 9.30pm that were bbe of that same day, giving us 2and a half hours in theory to eat ten doughnuts that already tasted stale at the time)

    so we ordered a bottle of cava to drink when the baby arrives and loads of sweets. ended up paying 20p, he he.
    so point in this post is to say, you really should spend the time to complain to companies, if u are dissapointed in a service. i wont be usinhg again unless something terrible happens and i become dependednt on it (unlikely) but at least we got some free stuff and an appology.


    Good for you. We should all do this when things go wrong with regards to purchases. Many of the big stores will respond to complaints. I have had my fair share of vouchers too.

    Glad you had some luck. Wish all companies operated like this.

    I had some luck with a chip shop on Friday, we had been standing there for 20 minutes and they'd forgotten about us while about 5 people got their orders. The owner/manager went out and I said "ok that's it, they don't deserve our money, let's walk out and go next door", along with some cursing I guess. He must have overheard me as he offered us extra large portions and free sauce.

    Yep, be vocal people, even if it's not in your nature to do so!

    I ordered from asda online and my dlivery was the day before xmas eve,as you can imagine I'd ordered everything for a slap up xmas dinner,all arrived ok but the turkey!!!!
    Must admit i was fuming,fancy sending me everything but the most important turkey lol

    Rung up and after being passed round 3 different stores that were all the wrong one I got through to a lovely guy who promised me I would have a turkey, a few hours later he arrived at my door with the biggest turkey I had ever seen,it was a hard job to squeeze it in my oven and that turkey tasted so much better as it was free of charge
    That guy had driven his own car to get the turkey to me in time for xmas ahhhhhh

    I don't know what is happening with Tescos recently! Funnily enough i had my order sent yesterday, they completely mucked it up! I had no receipt so i was unable to check what i had ordered, no receipt meant no voucher for fuel :viking: He knew what had been substituted but not what it had been replaced with :x Like yourself i buy all the offers and they got replaced with full price items, i am not a happy bunny! I bought 24 bread rolls which normally have at least 3 days date that need to be eaten by tomorrow :? Can you send me the email address you used? Many thanks

    I also had trouble with substitutions with Tesco, they sent me loadsof full price stuff and then told me I had to drive to a store for a refund!! was not happy and customer service at the store just huffed and refunded, no as ths has happened even when I said no substitutuions I am sticking to Tesco Direct and going to store for food.

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    basically they replied saying recieved within few mins and took bout three days to get a propper response. as i say i wont be using them anymore but least i got some of my money back. luckily i had cottonned onto these flaws already and mainly ordered frozen and cupboard things (which have dates only till end of this year which is relitevly short for tins etc, but not a prob as we go thru chopped toms like no ones business)
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