Tesco days out vouchers on eBay?!

Has anyone got Tesco days out vouchers from eBay? Do the places you go need to see the clubcard to use the vouchers?
Don't want to buy some to take my boys out if I will have trouble using them at the time.



I have never been asked to show my clubcard when I use them. I dont know if they are meant to tho.

Never had any problems using them. I have never been asked to show my club card.

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Thanks. I might take a gamble on it then if I find some nearer the time with decent date on them.

If you know where you would like to go ask the seller to exchange them for you, will be a lot less hassle. I know in past when very used my mum's tesco have cancelled my order saying these vouchers werent registered to me. But when I got some from my friends she has converted them for to me and no. Problems

We went to alton towers last year and there was a whole line of people that had printed tesco days out tickets from ebay that had been refused. They were not pleased at all and arguing with the atrendants but they clearly said no if purchased from ebay so be careful and maybe depends which attraction they are purchased for.
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