Tesco Delivery Saver £7.99 a month (£2.66 a month using club points), a 59% saving on paying their new £4.50 flat rate, if you order weekly

Posted 4th Aug 2020
Tesco have reintroduced their Delivery Saver option for £7.99 a month (£2.66 a month using club points) or a £47.94 one-off payment for 6 months, if you order weekly that's a 59% saving on paying their new £4.50 (£1.50 with club points) flat rate delivery charge. The plan gives subscribers priory access to delivery slots (4 weeks in advance rather than the normal 3) and including early access to delivery slots at Christmas and Easter.



What is Delivery Saver?Delivery Saver is our subscription-based delivery service, designed to help you reduce the cost of home deliveries for your grocery orders. Once you sign up, any orders you place via Tesco online will be delivered to your home or chosen delivery address, or through our Click+Collect service from your local store. You can do that once a day, every day, as long as your plan is valid.

Are there any basket or ordering rules?At final checkout your order will need to total £40 or more for home deliveries and £25* for Click+Collect. Don’t worry if your order falls below this threshold if there are substitutions, or products are unavailable, you won’t be charged for the delivery. If your order does not meet the minimum spend, you will be charged a minimum basket charge of £4.

*From the 18-24 December, the minimum order value for Click+Collect will be £40 due to high demand during peak times.

How do I sign up?Just go to our home page and click 'sign up'. Once you’re signed up, you can start placing orders straight away, without paying an additional delivery charge. Just as long as your order meets any minimum spend requirements.

Can I use any credit or debit card to sign up?You can use any Visa Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Tesco Credit Card. Unfortunately we are unable to accept sign-ups using Visa Electron or Maestro cards.

How much could I save?That depends how often you shop, but with our Delivery Saver guarantee you’ll never miss out. If you spend more on a plan than you would’ve done on deliveries, we’ll email you an eCoupon with the difference within 21 days of your plan ending.

How many deliveries can I have?Once you’re signed up, you can have a delivery every day your plan is valid if you wish, as long as it’s no more than once a day and there are slots available. Just choose the day and time you want from the available slots.

I’m on a Midweek plan – when can I book a Christmas slot?The closest date to Christmas Day that Midweek plan customers can get a free Christmas slot is Wednesday 23 December. You can still book a delivery slot outside your plan when priority access opens but you will have to pay the full slot price. Click+Collect slots will be free on any day of the week, as part of your plan.

If you’re concerned about fresh food items, you could place an order for any food that keeps in the cupboard or freezer earlier in the week and pop in-store for the final bits of fresh food and any last-minute buys closer to Christmas.

Can I get my groceries delivered to different addresses?Yes, of course you can. There is no restriction on the number of different addresses you can have orders delivered to, as long as it’s no more than one grocery delivery per day in total.

Can I book multiple orders?Yes. For example, you can book your Christmas slot when they are released and still continue your weekly shops as normal. Head to ‘My orders’ and select the order you would like to amend. Just remember to check out your order to confirm changes.

Once I’m signed up, how quickly can I start using Delivery Saver?Right away on any new orders. You can even use it on orders you’ve already placed. All you have to do is amend the order: you can add or remove an item, or change the delivery slot - this action will activate your Delivery Saver plan and you will not be charged for the delivery.

Will I earn Clubcard points on my subscription?Yes, for every whole pound you spend on your Delivery Saver Plan, you will earn one point.

Can I use Clubcard vouchers to pay for my Delivery Saver plan when I sign up?Yes, you can use your vouchers towards a Delivery Saver plan. The value of the Clubcard vouchers you use towards a plan has now changed from 2x to 3x. Simply go to our Delivery Saver page on our Clubcard site, where you can exchange your vouchers for a Delivery Saver coupon which will be valid for 6 months. You can either pay for a whole plan this way or pay partly with vouchers and the rest with cash.
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    PAISAL04/08/2020 15:47

    Tesco Prime

    a similar concept to Amazon Prime, but sadly you won't get the movies or Ebooks, magazines, comics etc as well with this.
  2. Avatar
    bitm200704/08/2020 15:53

    a similar concept to Amazon Prime, but sadly you won't get the movies or …a similar concept to Amazon Prime, but sadly you won't get the movies or Ebooks, magazines, comics etc as well with this.

    But you can have some mad dinners. That’s better.
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    deleted419704/08/2020 14:07

    Comment deleted

    July the 1st, but many (including myself) didn't see the need for it until Tesco introduced the £4.50 flat delivery rate that came into effect from yesterday, that eliminated the cheap delivery slots.
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    Tesco Prime
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