Tesco direct laptop deal(s), Acer E5-573 i5, 8GB, 2TB - £449, potentially lower (£359) NEED HELP/ADVICE PLEASE.

    I need to buy a laptop, I'd like to get one today, my girlfriends Mum can get me 20% off at Tesco today only. Anyone who knows anyone who works for Tesco can also benefit from this staff discount, they employ plenty, so loads of opportunities to get the the employee discount.

    I've posted this deal, the link takes you 14 laptops with similar specifications, I've chosen the one I thought was the best, but I know very little. If some kind individual with tech knowledge could highlight the best deal I'd be very grateful. I am not a tech wizard.

    I need it for work, browsing and possibly games, basically looking for a good all rounder. I want to use the staff discount and want the best possible value for money taking that 20% reduction in to consideration.

    There may be better deals for similar out there, please feel free to post them below.

    Please don't worry about offending/patronising me, talk in terms you think I and others like me may understand.

    Thanks in advance for any help.…rue


    You haven't provided a link?


    You haven't provided a link?…757

    I am not a techie but doesn't look like a bargain price. Around the £379 mark and you got a deal.

    If it was FHD... this is probably the reason it's still in stock..

    The 20% off is all week, ends next thursday, no need to panic buy.

    Original Poster


    The 20% off is all week, ends next thursday, no need to panic buy.

    Thanks, I'll do a bit more research, although any advice on which one of the 14 in the link would be appreciated.

    Get one with a fhd screen and an ssd

    link not working for me...

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