Tesco Direct no longer on Quidco ?

Found 14th Jan 2014
I went on Quidco and noticed that Tesco Direct are no longer listed.
I'm sure it was there a few weeks back.
Any ideas ?
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It's there, but no cashback from direct .

Edited by: "philmitchell" 14th Jan 2014
Seems to be on Topcashback.

Seems to be on Topcashback.

It might still be on Topcashback but the last few things I have bought have all had the cashback declined, so it might as well not be there !
Me too - seems everything I buy on TCB is declined by Tesco. Makes you wonder why bother have it on the site!
why would Tesco need quidco when they have Hukd members posting deals for them. Am surprised they still have a online store, everyone seems to be loving the wild goose in-store deals.
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