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Just got to say that I am blown away by the standard of service from Tesco Direct. Had some items delivered in Nyear (bargains via this site of course). Tesco rang me the night before to remind me of delivery date. Rang me again 1 hr before delivery to check it was OK. Very cheerful courteous delivery chaps:)

I need to return one item. One v. quick call to the return line and before I hung up the e mail was in my box notifying me of the refund!! Coming to collect item tomorrow, just got text reminding me (I had forgotten!).

Cannot recommend too highly, and no I am not related to anyone in Tescos...:giggle:


2 phone calls and a text about 1 delivery? Don't know about anyone else but that'd bug the crap outta me rather than make me praise them lol

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Only one call / text per delivery. Totally my fault the return, bought a 10ft Xmas tree for an 8ft room!! There is no hope -

Sounds like good service to me! Makes a change to hear of a company being praised for their service

I ordered Burnout for the xbox on 5th September from Tesco Direct. I am still waiting, even though I get 2-3 emails a week advising of a new imminent despatch date. I plan to wait 1 year before highlighting this to them.

No phone calls or texts about them btw.
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