Tesco direct toolbox trouble!

    picked up my tesco direct order todey, 34 Piece Ratchet Screwdriver & Socket Set and 4 Piece Wood Chisel & Sharpening Stone Set, realy happy with the tools for the price but on both items the plastic storage case was cracked, and a corner smashed off one, couldnt see the missing bits in bag so must of been sent out like that!
    i know it only the box but it the storage case, looks a mess lol
    was in 2 minds weather to return them but as both out of stock now i didnt lol


    Why don't you phone them up, explain what is damaged, and politely ask for a part refund. This will probably work if they don't have any more in stock. They don't want damaged stuff returned to them I'm sure.

    Original Poster

    Thnx mate, i took your advice and emailed them as i not got a land line, thay came back and offered me a £3 refund, thats a real good offer considering the price for the tool lol
    so i happy now
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