Tesco Direct - What would you do?

    Cancelled my order with Tesco Direct (£79 worth). They were fine about this, helpful and said as the order has not gone out, it's ok to cancel. My status on the online account says 'refunded' and I have recieved a refund to my credit card.

    However, I used a 500 points voucher, which I have recieved an I have also recieved my whole order!

    What would you do? I feel I should keep quiet!


    If you're asking the question, then I suspect you already know the answer.

    Since Tesco is a small family run corner shop, with the emphasis on community and looking after it's customers, you should take it all back to a shop and hand it over.

    Also make sure they have the points back or give them some money to cover the points.

    Say 30 Hail Maries for even having to ask!


    If you're asking the question, then I suspect you already know the answer.

    I think I know you grdesign, as well as I could from seeing you post, to know that you will 'fess' up. :-D

    Original Poster

    Hey I'm not feeling guilty! With what it is though (homeware stuff) if I take it out it's packaging it's no good to anyone.

    Ahh well, I'll say I dunno what they are on about!

    Hey, might even try again!

    So you're not going to send it back for a refund? LOL

    Original Poster

    [SIZE=2]Nah, I think 2 refunds would be rude! [/SIZE]

    I don't know the rules and whatnot really, but I'd be most concerned I was going to get a knock on the door in a few days from the fuzz saying i'd stolen KNOW you shouldn't have it, so it is stealing...but like I say, I don't know if it's legally a big deal, or just tough luck to tesco who made an error.
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