tesco dvd ipod deal

    did anyone else sign up for tesco dvd rental to get the free ipod has anyone heard anything from them avout this ? is it ment to just turn up ???


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    I've just received mine a few minutes ago.

    little ern;1345144

    I've just received mine a few minutes ago.

    I think they might've tried to deliver mine today too. Was it a SecureMail delivery?

    Mine has now arrived too!


    They have still not sent mine after 4 payments, keeping fobbing me off, saying it will come soon.

    Totally fluxed off and cant wait to cancel !!!!!

    Can't find the original thread - anyone seen it?

    Is it safe to cancel after the 3 payments have been made?

    Still haven't got mine 3 payments made...


    I did query in December after non arrival, however they kindly notified me that I was previously a member of lovefilm and whsmith and as such was not eligible.

    I paid out the minumum subscription for 1 dvd for 3 months and cancelled prior to 4th month. Lo and behold unexpected delivery of the shuffle arrived yesterdat.

    Bonus I reckon :w00t:
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