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Found 21st Apr 2006
i started my free trial yesterday and when i saw my bank statment that they have charged me with the full amount of money.I called the customer services and she told me that i changed the service so they cancelled my free trial and started full subscription but i never changed the subscription so any1 thinking of trying their free trial.As i am a student,haven't got money to pay their £13.97.I am devistated and worry at the same time.

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Afternoon kiran - whilst i feel your pain, i'm at a loss to why this is included as a 'Hot Deal' given you feel it clearly isn't!

Perhaps it would sit better in the 'misc' musings section?
Moved to appropriate forum.

kiran, if you only joined yesterday, your card shouldn't have been charged yet. Did your bank statement arrive by post or did you view it online?

If I was you I'd get back on to their customer services, as they aren't usually that quick to debit your account.
I'd get the bank to investigate as Tesco take the D/D via a bacs transfer and that takes approx 4 days to process. So it could be for something else.

On another note, i've been a member of Tesco DVD for over a year and they are excellent and very quick with their turnaround on DVD's.
if you go to this website,you will find out what i am talking about
It hasn't just happened to me.I had to say its awful company and unhelpful cs.
i veiwed it online,its pending transaction.i don't know what to do.
That's how most of them are kiran. I don't think you have much chance if you didn't get the DVD's back in time.
I more worried that they dispatched 2 dvd and the estimated delivery was 21 april but i only have received 1.they r now gonna charge me for even the loss of dvd which i even never recieved.why the hell i started the free trial.i wish i have never done it in the first place
can i stop the pending transaction.does banks allow that?
Haven't they already drawn the money?
Don't worry if one's gone missing as they won't charge you for it, they have insurance built into the package to cover it. I had one go missing once and they said "Don't worry about it, happens all the time".

As for the bank, even if the money has gone out you can instruct the bank to do a charge-back to recover the money paid on the DD if you tell them that you have not given authority for the transaction, although depending on who you bank with, they may charge you. If it hasn't gone out then tell the bank to stop the payment. Hope you get it sorted.
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