Found 3rd Mar 2009
Does anyone use Tesco DVD rental? Are you required to have 10 titles in your list before they send any disks out. If I have less than 10 it says:

"Your account is not yet live - you need at least 10 unique, available titles in your selection - please add more."

Would I receive any disks if I left it like this?

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no you need to add more or like they say your account wont go live, the more in your list the more chance they have something in to send you


i'm with tesco, you need to fill up your list, the more you have the quicker they will also get discs out to you, especially if they are recent releases as there is oftern a queue, add some more titles and they will get some in the post to you


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I thought as much, bit **** that. Do they refuse to send any disks then if you have less than 10? With lovefilm i used to just have 2 or 3 listed even though they recommended having 10, seems like tesco forces you to have 10.

once your account is live i am pretty sure you can reduce it again

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once your account is live i am pretty sure you can reduce it again

Thats what I thought but when i reduce the number below 10 the not yet live message comes back again.

wit until you have received some discs then try it it wont go live that quick give the system time
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