Tesco entertainment is rubbish

    i ordered rock band for xbox about a month ago and they finally sent me an email saying it will be despatched on the 28th jan but than i get another email saying it has been cancelled. but weeks before i had my left for dead cancelled like everyone else.


    I've had no problem with them as yet... Received one of my items this morning (thankfully). Maybe they miscounted their stock???

    Agreed, i ordered fracture on the xbox 360 on the 31st december and ive just had an email saying its been cancelled.

    Same happened to me with Rock Band. I also ordered another game around the same time, which said to be sent within 24 hours of 29/12/09, i tried to cancel it 2 days ago as it still had not been sent and they would not let me. But yesterday goat a e-mail stating that it would be sent within 4 - 5 days of 07/01/10. I called Tesco in the end and got it cancelled.

    The guy on the phone said they could not get the stock for Rock Band, which is why it was cancelled, so why advertise it!!! I do wonder if anyone got a copy though.

    Same here order Left 4 Dead 2 when it was £15 and was cancelled.


    Same here order Left 4 Dead 2 when it was £15 and was cancelled.

    And so it begins

    Same here.I ordered 2 rock bands at £7.47.said 24hrs from 28/12/09 for despatch. I went on yesterday, and it still said the same!
    I phoned them, asking why I had not been notified,they couldn't answer me. Then he asked me to wait til mid feb!
    I asked for a manager to complain, came through to a woman who said "well I don't work for the entertainment section"
    absolutely USELESS I will never bother with them again. Best sticking to amazon,play etc at least you know where you stand with these!

    Shut up.

    Original Poster Banned

    i totally agree tesco cant provide any orders they completely useless

    yes same email today, i ordered rock band and also fracture for 360 ( only £3.97) and both have been cancelled

    you cant even email them to complain, you have to ring up,first and last time using them


    I agree. They are starting to get as bad as zavvi what with cancelling misprices days later and 4-8 week delivery times!
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