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    Can anyone help me, we just got (me & hubby) our tesco healthy living magazines with our extra points coupons, but as hubby only has a virtual clubcard (not an actual clubcard, just one linked to his on line account) we cant use his ones as they are in store only coupons. same happened when we got the wine club mailings & I emailed them & had no luck at all, they just replied saying he had to log into his account & change the option to on line vouchers, which he has done, did right from the start, but still keeps getting the in store only vouchers. I also get the in store only ones with the wine club & healthy living mailings, but am Ok as I have a club card to use in store.
    When he got his mailing with his points vouchers the extra coupons that came with that were for in store only, so couldnt use any of those either!
    Any suggestions??


    Just use his vouchers on your card.

    Me and the OH always do!

    Original Poster


    Just use his vouchers on your card.Me and the OH always do!

    didnt realise I could do that, thought they were linked to the card! doh!! and i threw loads away last time!!:whistling:

    I wouldn't advise using 2 of the same coupon in the same transaction (yours and your partners) but in different tranactions...go for it!
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