Tesco Groceries ONLINE contact form?

Posted 19th May 2008
There used to be a form where you could fill in if something from your
delivery was missing or was out of date when you got it etc.
I can´t find it anymore LOL
Does anyone maybe still have the link?

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I think you need to call them if items missing,some of the help pages have gone off the website.
try this contact us form]http//ww…B=1
I give them a call - very helpful and problems always resolved quickly. A+ Tesco. Asda is bad when something is wrong
Thanks guys
Used the form, I never liked calling them.
They always solve problems pretty fast.
Btw, I never had any problems with ASDA either.
They were nice and helpful every time.
(Only had something missing twice)
I always email to the address at the top of my delivery sheet [EMAIL="online@tesco.co.uk"]online@tesco.co.uk[/EMAIL]. I just explain the problem giving my customer number and order number and they usually refund to my crdit card with a few days.
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