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    Tesco grocery mis-prices

    Does anyone know where the Tesco Gillette post from this morning has gone?
    Also, can anyone clarify if tesco (grocery) on-line will honour mis-price products, or just charge you extra for it on the day of delivery?


    sometimes im sure people make prices up to get rep and heat. As i shopped in tesco last night and if tesco does do a new promotion wednesday is the first day of it usually, and has been this way for years. And hubby actually looked at the gillette razor as it was on offer but was 7.34 or something like that it defo wasnt under £7.
    Quite often ive seen deals here to good to be true and whether they were just store specific or not i couldnt get the stuff at that price

    They dont alway honour Mis-prices either. They did have a WS titanium razor on offer at half price, not sure if that is still on.

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    Do you mean … Do you mean this?http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/228288/gilette-fusion-razor-6-blades/:)

    Cheers! For some reason I couldn't find it despite 10 minutes of searching - no idea what I was doing wrong. The thread answers my question!:thumbsup:

    No problem! :thumbsup:

    placed order online; went thru ok; next day discovered price ingreased from £11 delivered to £129!!!!........Tesco said 1st price was 'guide'only.............I cancelled, refused delivery; was informed card transaction would be cancelled....GUESS WHAT? today, 3 days later, Tesco took an amount not agreed £129.02 out of my ban account.....AND....after long exp call, they are reluctant to refund................ISN;T THAT ILLEGAL?...................more to the point, how can we stop Tesco behaving in this arrogant fashion? Had no problems whatsoever with reputable outfite, eg Amazon, Ebuyer, etc etc.................


    placed order online; went thru ok; next day discovered price ingreased … placed order online; went thru ok; next day discovered price ingreased from £11 delivered to £129!!!!.

    :roll: Kind of greedy weren't ya?

    They do that with food all the time. They change their prices and you will not realise unless you study your bill carefully, and you are supposed to do that while the driver is waiting and return the stuff to them!
    And a big difference: Iams dry cat food £5.00 x2 went up to £8.00 x2 the day after I placed the order! I have now asked the £6 refund.
    I'm sure they do it on purpose, probably many people are like me and many times I've been ripped off because I did not have time to check the 50-odd items or remember what all the prices should have been.
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