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    Bit confused by Tesco offers....

    I added 24 pack of Coke for £5 when I made my order on 31st Dec. It said the offer was valid until 01/01/2015.

    Gone on my order now as it's due for delivery tomorrow, and the item in my basket still says £5, but when you search for it, it's £7.

    Do you get the offer saved if the offer is valid when you place the order, or do you lose the offer if your delivery is due AFTER the offer date?



    You get the price that is on the day your order is picked not placed.

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    Really? So why is that multipack of coke still showing as £5 in my basket?

    It will change when you get your receipt with delivery.

    What Anna said. If it worked your way, we could book a slot several weeks in advance and pick all the best deals each week then get a bargain delivery

    If you see items with "offer valid from tomorrow", you will get those (if your delivery is tomorrow or the next few days).

    You get charged on the day it is picked. I work for Tesco Dotcom and have this problem with customers all the time.

    charged the price it is on day of delivery


    Really? So why is that multipack of coke still showing as £5 in my basket?

    it must be a system error, it will be the day of delivery.

    See what happens

    precisely why i cant stand tesco anymore

    Its guide price only i can do my shopping for example it says £48 for tomorrows delivery, it can be £45-55 it varies all the time. Wednesdays are the worse as all the offers end on a wednesday so you add items to your basket and the price changes.
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