Tesco Grocery Shopping Checking Out Problems

Found 22nd Jan 2008

Has anybody else been having any problems at the checkout stage on the Tesco website?
Its now happened to me on a number of occasions where the whole site works fine up until you want to checkout and it just freezes and wont even let you log out so sometimes loosing all your shopping if you close the window.
Seems particularly bad in the evenings for some reason, just wondering whether it was just me having these problems or anybody else?

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tesco site never works fine for grocery shopping. its slower than a dead sloth
I had bother with it last yr,if you get annoyed do what I did when it was like that shop at Sainsburys if they deliver in your area,Asda do groceries too and if you feeling rich Waitrose lol.
Failing that go to supermarket yourself,I would at a very last resort.
Try Firefox?
I haven't had any problems with them (Opera and IE7) and have been using them for several years now. They have just updated their site though (this past week) and I had some problems when I tried to shop yesterday but that was to do with the way it displayed the groceries rather than with the checkout itself.

What browser are you using?
i only use firefox and asda is just as bad. i wouldnt be suprised if the op lived near me lol, i think everyone around me does online shopping at the same time
Tesco doesnt work properly for me in firefox - whenever I click something (favourites, show basket, previous orders, search etc) it comes up saying do you want to save file or cancel!

Seems ok in internet explorer though, so I click the IE button on firefox.

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