Tesco have got some Easter goodies in already !

    Went to my local Tescos (Solihull) yesterday (31st December).

    Walked down the aisle that has all their chocolate, and they had a section with some large signs saying "Easter Goodies"

    They had chocolate mini eggs, bunny shaped chocolate and so on.

    This is only a few days after Christmas day !!!


    my tescos has creme eggs and the likes on xmas eve!! :s

    About time. (srsly)

    asda has mini eggs on the end of every other till where usually they have other stuff - (usuaslly reduced sweets)

    And morrisons


    i spotted them in wh smith as well, the yellow chicks with buttons in, 2 for £5, yum, there is something about easter egg chocolate that is so yummy x

    Easter eggs!! only 12ish weeks to go!

    Without Woolworths selling them this year I can imagine they will be in short supply and people will be panic buying them this year leading to even shorter supplies, the only place you'll be able to get them come March will be at highly inflated prices on eBay ..of course I cold be wrong ;-)

    Saw mini eggs and creme eggs in £1 shop too!
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