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    HI guys

    I have just received my Tesco order, with thanks to the the £5 off £20 spend aswell as the free sim card delivery trick however my question is if I take back the sim and one of the other items, it brings my spend below the £20, does this mean Tesco will not honour the vouvher? Basically if I take the item back with the SIM card, I will have got around £7 xworth off stuff after discounts for less than £2.

    The item does not fit my car but am concerned if Tesco will charge my card for the delivery cost and take the £5 voucher off the order aswell?

    Surely if Tesco just takes back the item for a full refund then we can just buy £20 worth of stuff to get a £5 disocunt then just take it all back except anything that cost a fiver and you would get it for free or am i missing something??

    Any help appreciated? Thanks


    You can take it for a refund no worries, I done it with 4 packs of recliner cushions at £1 a pack plus the sim at £4.87, as the original price of the cushions was higher the original cost was over £20 including sim so actual spend £4 (4 packs cushions) + £4.87 (sim card) = £8.87 - £5 voucher spend total = £3.87! sim returned for £4.87 refund total cost (to tesco) £1 so I was better then free it was a free £1 too.

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    Excellent - many thanks

    was concerned they would charge me, sounds like it worked a treat for oy

    Rep left thanks

    i would just be careful who you go to.
    If you get a jobsworth they make look through the whole receipt however if you pick a decent member of staff they will just refund you no probs.
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