Tesco hudl2 I have some questions

    Hello I wanted to ask I have some questions in regard to the hudl 2

    1). How is the stand by time - battery? If I don't use it. Do I get like 1-3%. Drain loss?

    2) what's the screen on time? From a full charge

    3) In Centimetres whats the size , And what's the size in CM compared to a ipad



    1. Over what duration?

    2. Why would you leave a screen on without using it so a pretty pointless real world question

    3.Google convert inches to cms

    Product Dimensions:

    Product Height 12.8 Centimetre
    Product Width 22.4 Centimetre
    Product Depth 0.9 Centimetre
    Product Weight 0.4104 Kilogram

    Read more at…prd

    Battery life: 8 Hours

    Most info is on the Tesco page, bar standby time.

    Tesco Direct Hudl 2

    1. What is the internet?

    2. Where is the internet?

    3. What size is the internet?


    1. What is the internet?2. Where is the internet?3. What size is the … 1. What is the internet?2. Where is the internet?3. What size is the internet?

    1. The place that the weird and wonderful feel at home

    2. All around us man.

    3. Ginormous + 1.

    Screen on time between 5-6 hours whilst playing game-apps over the course of the day.

    When I listen to music on YouTube then open a new window (for example to go on Facebook) the music will stop playing! How can I change the settings so that I can listen to music and look at other websites at the same time?
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