Tesco iphone 4 plan: connecting to btfon wifi hotspot

    hey guys,

    my iphone will automatically connect me to btopenzone wifi hotspots as part of my allowance. i've noticed though that some of these hotspots are bt fon hotspots with the same SSID. i connect, open abrowser and it takes me to the bt fon homepage asking me to log in.

    there's no indiciation that i can just say i have an iphone or whatever, it seems i need a username? how do i get internet access on the btfon hotspots as that is part of bt openzone?


    these are not the same as a normal BT hotspot and dont believe you can just connect to them with your iphone for free

    more info here:…aqs

    I can log in on Fon and BT Fon hotspots. But thats only because I have a fon router at home and I share my internet in the same way.
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