Tesco Jersey Orders

I have ordered a few DS games from Tesco Jersey. When I saw the games on GamesTracker they said they were out of stock from Tesco Jersey but in stock from Tesco.com.

I ordered on the 21st December and am worried I will not get my games. Anyone else in this position?


As far as I understand Tesco Jersey stock is not related to Tesco.com. So if you ordered while it was oos at Tesco Jersey it would be irrelevant what the .com stock was like.

[SIZE=2]Wouldn't build hopes up. I'm still waiting on Burnout for the xbox since september - get an e-mail every week saying it will be due in in a few days. One I got this morning says they are expecting it on 25th December. Have a feeling it wont be there[/SIZE]
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